About us

our company we invest and create value for blockchain tech

8 Decimal is invested in more than 40 companies, managing a total of over $60M. We were named as one of the top 10 funds in the blockchain industry in China by both Entrepreneur and Forbes. As well, we were named one of the top 20 funds by Tsignhua X-Lab.

Our Value

We offer added value for projects in various areas focused on blockchain:

Marketing Hiring Coding Fundraising

For every successful blockchain founder, there is a powerful network of talented developers, sharp marketers, intelligent collegues, and humble backers. 8 Decimal supports its founders with valuable hands-on assistance. We are specialists in this field, so we can help you think through even the most challenging problems. Whether it’s helping you find a dependable team to keep the wheels turning, or helping solve a technical problem ourselves, 8 Decimal is equipped to tackle every task.